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Sebastian Höher


Born in Berlin.

The focus of my work is on wooden sculptures. From time to time I also work with metal. Facial expressions have always fascinated me. That's why I often create heads and faces in my work. Current topics also play a role in my artistic expression. This is shown by the sculptural installation "Approaching AI".



- Corona Culture, Oct, Nov. 2021 at Alte Muenze, Berlin-Mitte                   Group exhibition, the formation of figures "Visitors"  was shown, 23 artworks   

- Session 05, Jul, Aug. 2023, Galeria Azur, Karl-Marx-Allee 62, Berlin

Group exhibittion, 3 artworks were shown

- Approaching AI, (virtual exhibition only on the internet ), Feb. to May 2024          

  Exhibition catalog PDF  ->

- Typically human, (virtual exhibition only on the internet ), May. to September 2024          

  Exhibition catalog PDF  ->

My favs: friends, colleagues, artworks

My friend Wulf Karstädt, who always helps me with his skills and his workshop.

"Raucher-Ralle" by TOM. The sculpture shows my old friend Ralf Sotscheck.

Judith Geerts, great artist from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

My friend Jens Langner, who shares my enthusiasm for visiting flea markets.

Transition Institute, Berlin.

Haleaisabellekala, wonderful artist from Berlin.

A work of art that I particularly like: The Vertical Earth Kilometer by American artist Walter De Maria. The artwork is in Kassel/ Germany.

Book illustration

Irina Maria Leippi:

Wo schwarze Blumen blühen

Gedichte und Reflexionen

Leipzig 2023

ISBN 978-3-96940-666-3

10 images of my artwork serve as illustrations

Wo schwarze Blumen blühen


- Kunst.Raum.Steglitz

- KunstHausPotsdam


Sebastian Höher, 2023


In my workshop


Artists description

Artists description

Eugene, my dog

Preparing the Visitors for Corona-Culture Exhibition, Oct. 2021, Alte Muenze, Berlin-Mitte.


Session 05, July 2023, Galeria Azur, Berlin

Session 05, July 2023, Galeria Azur, Berlin  ​
Exhibition Approaching AI

In front of AI, 2022




If you want to know more about my artwork, contact me per EMail.

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